He famously declared that he was “bringing sexy back”, but now it seems that singer and actor Justin Timberlake has had a change of heart and has decided to take it away again.

“When I brought sexy back in 2006, the world was a different place,” explained the former All-New Mickey Mouse Club star. “And to be honest, sexy’s got a bit out of control.”

So how does the man behind THAT McDonalds jingle account for this?

“Back then, sexy was pretty hard to come by. But now, anyone can do it, it seems. But that doesn’t mean that they should, and if people aren’t going to treat sexy respectfully then I have no choice but to take it away again.”

So does he have any regrets about bringing sexy back in the first place?

“Yes and no. There wasn’t as much sexy around back then, so there was a genuine need for it. If I hadn’t brought sexy back, someone else would have done it.”

So until such time as sexy is required again, where are you going to keep it?

“In a box, probably. Or in the garage. I haven’t decided yet.”

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