It would be reasonable to say that Britain’s BMW drivers do not enjoy the best of reputations as motorists. Indeed, their fellow road users generally regard them as being rude, inconsiderate and arrogant. “They drive aggressively, they never use their indicators and they really do seem to believe that the roads belong to them,” said one.  However, it seems that apologies may be in order.

A brand new study conducted by the British Institute of Motorists has revealed that far from being too inconsiderate to obey basic road etiquette, BMW drivers are actually too busy and important.

“As a BMW driver myself, I have to say I feel completely vindicated by this report’s findings,” explained Gavin Twatt, a 45-year old marketing strategist from Ipswich. “As a rule, I do obey the rules of the road and try to drive responsibly. But if I’m coming up to a roundabout and I’m on the phone about to close, like, a really big business deal or something, then there’s absolutely no way I can indicate.”

Alan Prick, a brand management executive and BMW driver from Chelmsford agreed. “I’m a sensible driver, yeah,” he stated, “but as a leading brand management exec for a major national financial services brand, I’m often required to attend big meetings with important clients in swanky hotels at a moment’s notice, so it’s just not practical for me to drive at less than 95 miles per hour, even if I am going past a school.”

So, the next time you find yourself swearing at a BMW driver who has just cut you up on a motorway whilst scrolling through Instagram, just remember that he’s probably a high-flying businessman who’s under a great deal of pressure, so try to show a little consideration.

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