The BBC has The Graham Norton Show, ITV has The Jonathan Ross Show, and now Channel 5 is muscling in on the act with a late night chat show of its very own – and it’s going to be hosted by a cat.

Zebbie, a 14 year old black cat from Swansea, is set to become a household name when his chat show hits our screens next month. So what can viewers expect when they tune into The Zebbie the Cat Show?

“A whole lot of chat, laughs, irreverence and music, “explained a spokesperson for Channel 5. “It offers viewers an exciting new twist on the traditional chat show format, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. We’ve had a few trial runs, and they’ve been great. Instead of starting the show with the usual witty monologue, Zebbie simply jumps up onto the desk, glowers into the camera for a bit and then goes to sleep.”

And how did that go down with the audience?

“Oh, they absolutely loved it. They were lapping it up, if you’ll pardon the pun.”

So what happened next?

“Well, I’ll admit that the show started to flag a bit in the middle when Zebbie went out, but then he came back in and sat by his food bowl meowing. Absolute classic! After that he glowered at the camera a bit more and then went to sleep again”

Who do you have lined up for the first show?

“We have a very exciting roster of guests for the show’s launch. First up is legendary film star Samuel L Jackson. He’ll be followed by comedian Rob Beckett, and last up will be American singer Lizzo.”

Sounds great.

“Yeah. I’m just praying we don’t get a repeat of what happened in the trial run when, halfway through an interview, Zebbie starting licking his own arse.”

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